SMD Component Tape Holder 8mm 12mm

SMD Component Tape Holder 8mm 12mm

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A 3D printed surface mount component tape holder capable of holding up to 10 x 8mm or 12mm tapes. 8mm tapes are inserted at the bottom of the holder and 12mm tapes are inserted at the top of the holder.

Suitable for use with pick and place machines using machine vision systems such as the LitePlacer. Allows room for the holes in the tape to be seen and recognized.

Comes with a facet to place your component labels and mounting holes to help fix the tray to the PnP bed and helps to stop loose components bouncing out of the tape when picking. For best results be sure to screw the tray down to the table before removing the plastic protection from the SMD component strips. Also don't fasten the screws too tightly or you risk over stressing the plastic sides.

Tapes fit snugly into the holder but can be moved by sliding them with a small amount of force.

As the holder has been 3D printed there will likely be small minor defects (burrs) on some of the print. These can be easily removed from the print with a sharp blade.

Component Length - 175mm
Max Dimensions - 185 x 154 x 8.2mm
Hole Spacing - 145 x 146mm

8mm Tape Max Depth - 1.4mm
12mm Tape Max Depth - 6mm

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